exEmployee adheres in entailing a series of legitimate pattern and warranted course of transparent functioning and mutual acceptance with users registering, accessing and/or modifying graphics, trademarks, copyrights, products, tools, features, content, services or any digital element/(s) within the scope of the legal declarations as stated in this document. In accordance with you being an authentic, registered user of exEmployee or accessing our digital element/(s) via any digital source, platform or medium; you hereby commit to comply and accept the terms and .illustrated provisions henceforth entitled, "Terms of Services" disclosed in this document.

By agreeing to our "Terms of conditions" which includes Privacy and Help; you as a user acknowledge to be fully aware and accept that exEmployee reserves the absolute right to substitute or update this charter of "Terms of conditions" as when mandated based on our revised policies and amendments without any prior intimidation sent to you. You confirm that you are accountable to check this page from time to time and agree for the same.

exEmployee is not obligated nor guarantees to publish every update of our revised managerial policies in this "Terms and conditions".

Your Acceptance

You agree to accept and be legally-bound with:

  • All laws in force in the territory of India in regards to the mutual relationship, personal data security, data integrity and enforcement with exEmployee.
  • We reserve the absolute right to sanction limits and implement restrictions to our users (individual/company/third-party entity) in terms of access, usage or storage of exEmployee at any given time as per our discretion. In addition, we can limit or suspend our features and/or services temporarily or permanently (in partial or whole) as deemed appropriate from our end.
  • The features may include advertisements or services intended for monetary purposes of Nisakii Infratecture Pvt Ltd with respect to your digital element/(s) published or reflected on our platform. You grant exEmployee, its associates and third-party entities - non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, irrevocable and absolute worldwide license to host advertisements in association with your exEmployee account.

Assurance from exemployee.info

  • We do not issue, suspend, deactivate, block or delete user accounts on grounds of religion, race, descent, caste, sex, age (unless below 18 years of age), place of birth, residence unless there is any intellectual property or other form of violation in regards to this terms and conditions.
  • If you believe there is accidental issuing, suspending, deactivating, blocking or deleting of a user account from our end, kindly update us for the same by sending a mail on getintouch@exemployee.info with legitimate evidence.


exEmployee is committed for providing privacy. You can find more information about privacy in privacy policy which is on the homepage.


    (a) The Client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any password(s) or security routines it is given or sets to access the Site and Services, and is fully responsible for all activities that occur under the Client's password(s) or security routines. The Client agrees to notify the Company immediately of any unauthorised use of the Client's password(s) or security routines.

    (b) ) In the event of breach of the Agreement or a security breach, the Company reserves the right to withdraw access to the Site or Services and to alter the Client's password(s).

Responsible Usage by the User

By registering with exEmployee, you adhere to the following guidelines from your end; failing for which you are liable for prosecution or as deemed appropriate by exEmployee:

  • Accept and completely adhere to all our necessary guidelines as designated by exEmployee issued in this legal document and do not violate any legally binding measures or hinder exEmployee in any unlawful way.
  • Use exEmployee platform in keeping in lieu of lawful acts and regulations as written under Constitution of India.
  • Provide accurate digital element/(s) information such as Username, Email Address, Gender, Age, Date of Birth, Postal address/(s), Contact details from your end. You understand that as an authentic user, you will not enter or provide any false details. If you fail to adhere to this, there can be temporary or permanent account deletion in extreme case scenario.
  • Provide current and updated contact details within 48 hours in case of your phone number change for us to stay connected with you in regards to any further queries or alerts required transmitting from our side.
  • ermanent Postal address and/or current location update so as to help us navigate and enhance our advertisements or help third party applications personalize for your account better.
  • Refrain from any racist, derogatory, offensive, demeaning and discriminatory, violent, tortious, abusive, stalking and harassment, unlawful, sexual language and expression while interacting with other users or group targeted for a particular section of the caste, creed, religion, community or society.
  • If you have any creative digital element/(s) such as an image, containing explicit theme, you agree to stream them appropriately under "18+ only" option. Failing which could lead to serious repercussions as deemed fit by exEmployee.
  • Highlight exEmployee on an immediate basis at exEmployee and getintouch@exemployee.info if there is any hate language propagated or publicized on our platform.
  • Avoid disclosure of any private information of other registered users such as password, email address, login credentials in any public medium.
  • Will never track or record information details of other accounts under our platform without prior confirmation by exEmployee.
  • Preserve and avoid changing or impairing any functionality (working/not working) of exEmployee.
  • You accept that your digital element/(s) can be used by us for our commercial gain or enhanced by us.
  • You accept that you are solely responsible for any actions undertaken under your account since you have the password and the account info.

You concur to not use exEmployee for the following reasons:

  • Are not comfortable conceding the guidelines as stated in this Terms and conditions of exEmployee in part or whole.
  • Intend to upload/stream any digital element/(s) which is forbidden, illegal or prohibited by any law.
  • You are a convicted criminal or are held in contempt by any judicial court (India/overseas).
  • Have intention to engage, execute, propagandize in any unlawful or misleading activities such as spamming, uploading or transmitting adult themed digital element/(s), streaming/spreading virus, other malicious codes/tools. If you are found guilty for potentially limiting, damaging the operation and/or functionality of our platform, defaming exEmployee or proving a threat to our users in any way; you are liable for being charged of defaming the brand of exEmployee or ruining our user safety. You will be also responsible for compensating any overheads incurred on us.
  • Wish to publish/stream any junk materials, spam, pyramid scheme or any promotion pertaining to unauthorized advertising hosted at exEmployee. We expect our advertisers and third-party entities to follow a strict protocol of rules and regulations; demarcating for which will lead to statutory warnings, termination or in worst case being held contempt in court.
  • Maintain multiple accounts of yourself or others so as to confuse or malign the intention of being an authentic user and thereof being considered for investigation and possible lawful conduct from our end.
  • Operate on third party applications with themes such as alcohol, adult, drugs and narcotics, violence or death without validated age restrictions imposed.
  • Perform any malicious intended marketing tactics aimed for a lucrative gain or demeaning anyone.
  • Publish or encourage any contents such as pictures, videos, music, articles which showcases inappropriate explicit theme in any editorial, artistic or realistic based format. We strongly denounce and regard publishing any semi-pornographic, pornographic or explicit content with utmost contempt.
  • Perform or execute any unlawful or misleading forms of practices such as spamming, uploading or transmitting malicious codes to any account (yours or others') on exEmployee platform.
  • Resort to any online shaming, cyber bullying, intimidating and threatening antics; and understand the stringent restrictions which can be imposed on you with prosecution being under the laws of territory of India.
  • Infringe trademarks, copyrights and patents, privacy and any intellectual property rights of any user, exEmployee its third party affiliations.
  • Publish, stream or broadcast any form of digital element/(s) of others if it is invasive of their privacy.

Third party litigation and Limitation of Liability:

  • exEmployee is not involved in scrutinizing your shared information/usage of your information as deemed fit by any third party entity (affiliated/unaffiliated with exEmployee) if you accept their associated plugin/(s) and/or application/(s).
  • We are not responsible for any unwarranted actions performed/executed by any entity (user, third-party) due to your access and usage of exEmployee.
  • You hold yourself or that particular entity (as subjected in that situation) accountable for any inappropriate depiction of your profile digital element/(s), display of private/confidential data as submitted by you on their encouragement or unwarranted leakage of other users' information via you.
  • Your digital element/(s) processed by any third-party entity will be only proceeded when you accept from your end and acknowledge that the actions undertaken henceforth will be subjected between you and that referenced entity.
  • In the event you choose to accept services of any third-party entity, we do not guarantee any safety and security of your digital element/(s) being transmitted, processed, stored, tracked, used, recorded or modified by that particular entity.
  • You agree to waiver that exEmployee will not be held responsible for any legal binding restrictions whatsoever nor liable for compensation by us due to any unwarranted damages incurred due to any entity on you.

No Warranties

  • The digital element/(s) provided in exEmployee, bears no confirmation in any implied kind (parts/whole) whatsoever, to synchronize or fulfil the understanding, knowledge and definitions of the same.
  • There is no guarantee that the digital element/(s) may not be liable to defects, inaccuracies or typographical errors in spite of our best efforts executed and timely revisions performed from our end.
  • There can be downtime on loading any part/general of exEmployee, and we are not responsible for the same.


  • As a user, you concur that if there is any direct, incidental, punitive, financial, consequential, professional, personal, positional loss in image or brand whatsoever due to usage of exEmployeein any form, you will indemnify and hold exemployee.info completely innocent.
  • This is taken as a confirmed undertaking that you in your full mental consciousness have not stressed, harassed from our end while agreeing for the same.

License Termination

  • You can terminate your license with us at any given moment of time by deactivating your account registered in exEmployee. However, you acknowledge that your digital element/(s) if spread in account other than yours will be retained in exEmployee.
  • In addition, digital element/(s) will remain in exEmployee's database for preserving data records and backup purpose.
  • We do not allow children below 13 years of age to register an account with exEmployee. In case of such an account being active, exEmployee claims no intentional acknowledgement for the same and promise to quickly act to terminate the license on its own accord and deactivate his/her account in immediate effect. His/her personal information will also be deleted from our database servers as we are committed in protecting children's safety. If you happen to take note of any account holder below 13 years of age to be active on exEmployee kindly update us at getintouch@exemployee.info.

Website safety measures

We try to execute utmost disciplinary measures to safeguard your social networking, professional, creative (blogging, photographing, artistry, etc.), lucrative and promotion, social service, data storing interests and beyond features if well within exEmployee's scope. exEmployee reserves the absolute right to sue you or resort to legal action, if you perform unauthorized lucrative action or misuse any of our services or platform in any form, under the laws falling in territory of India.


You/end-user/user - refers to a registered end user or visitor accessing, modifying or using exEmployee platform in any form. Digital element/(s) - refers to text, graphics, images, logos, videos or any form of data hosted, streamed, published or spread by user on exEmployee. info. It also implies to your content which is stored by exEmployee or spread by other users. Our/We/Us/exemployee.info - refers to the universal term including the CEO, management, team and employees, product/(s), technological release, associates, exEmployee, nisakii.com and its relevant services of Nisakii Infratecture Pvt. Ltd.. Third-party entity - Implies affiliated partners, sponsors and stakeholders of Nisakii Infratecture Pvt. Ltd.. Also, it can mean any external/non-affiliated entity without any remote connection with Nisakii Infratecture Pvt. Ltd..

Intellectual Property violation

  • Intellectual property means copyright, trademark, moral rights, patents, right of privacy, right of publicity, trade secret or any proprietary rights. We do not intend to contest, limit or challenge your additional rights. exEmployee protects intellectual property of users and works tirelessly in preventing any misconduct followed by miscreants.
  • exEmployee is committed to preserving the intellectual property of user, business or any entity and as such strives to constantly scrutinize our platform for any copyright and/or trademark infringement.
  • exEmployee guarantees no intentional intellectual property infringement on our direct part and if a situation endeavours of possible infringement due to any feature, label, presentation or overall literature as directly liable by exEmployee (excluding the digital element/(s) as streamed, published, spread by user or any third party entity), we promise to scrutinize the claim and delete/terminate if claim has sufficient proof and legally genuine. You can get in touch with exEmployee at getintouch@exemployee.info for further course on this. In the event of infringement by user and/or third-party actions', we recommend to contact the appropriate owner directly.

When your Intellectual digital element/(s) is/are violated

  • If your intellectual property protected under trademark and/or copyright policy hosted on exEmployee is being improperly presented, used or impersonated; this accounts for intellectual digital element/(s) violation.
  • If your intellectual property does not intentionally intend to cause a violation, exEmployee will grant opportunity for the account holder to clear the misunderstanding.
  • However, in a situation where there is a clear act of intellectual property violation; exEmployee will terminate the account profile in immediate effect and notify the account holder for the same.

Steps to undertake on violation:

  • It is highly recommended that you contact the respective exEmployee account holder and request in a subtle tone to remove your associated digital element/(s) on an urgent basis. If you believe your request is being unheard and your digital element/(s) is still being violated; you can send us an application report by postal mail.
  • When we receive an authentic application report citing Intellectual property infringement, we after careful scrutiny terminate, delete or undertake necessary steps to administer the specific digital element/(s) on exEmployee.
  • If you believe exEmployee has erased or deleted your digital element/(s) as a result of improper intellectual property infringement (copyright or trademark) infringement, you can send a counter-notice to exEmployee with the following details:
  • A description of the digital element/(s) you believe have been improperly disabled/removed by exEmployee, your username, Name, Postal Address, Contact Number and Email (optional).
  • A declaration stating that under penalty of perjury, you have good faith that the erased or deleted digital element/(s) have been tortuously removed by exEmployee as a result of mistake, misunderstanding or misidentification.
  • A statement under penalty of perjury, signed by you, that you have a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or misidentification by exEmployee.
  • A statement that you consent to the jurisdiction falling under the territory of India and you will accept the legal provisions and follow as per the laws given by court/(s) of India.
    Although, we have sufficient sources to help protect user intellectual property from being confused, mislead, duplicated or defamed by other user or third party entity; we highly-recommend the targeted user to follow through our charter of intellectual property violation.


    a) Copyright is a right given by law to creators of literary, musical, dramatic, artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings. Generally, copyright doesn't support the ideas, concepts, short word combinations, slogans, short phrases or factual information. However, it does support some expressions (such as original words or images) that express your idea. Copyright allows fair exceptions to the creator's exclusivity and exEmployee follows the Copyright Act, 1957 of India to govern the laws and applicable rules. More of Copyright Act, 1957 (India) can be accessed here. It is highly recommended to anoint a lawyer for legal discourse as claiming copyright infringement an act of serious legal consequence.

    b) If we are unsure if your content is under copyright infringement, exEmployee recommends you to seek legal guidance. For any redressal for country specific copyright infringement, you can process them by clicking atWorld Intellectual Property Organization's directory.

Reporting Copyright Infringement

  • If you wish to report a copyright infringement, you can consider various options. You do not need to be a registered exEmployee user to file this report.
  • You can file a report via postal mail with the following details:
  • 1. Contact Information: Your Full Name, Postal Address, Contact Number and Email Address (optional).

    2. Detailed infringed information: You need to state the nature of copyright information, brief of the content on our platform (along with the URL) which you believe to be an act of infringement.

    3. Declaration stating you believe the report you filing is in good faith and correct, under penalty of perjury for the same, declare that your copyright digital element/(s) has not been approved by you in any form or medium and is responsible solely/on behalf for the copyright infringement report.

    4. Ample proof: Ample proof if you are the sole benefactor of the alleged copyright digital element/(s).

    5. Signature: Your signature declaring you are the one to file the report or acting on someone's behalf.


  • Trademark is a name, invented/coined words, slogan, symbol, device, shape of goods, mark or graphic logo which makes one's services unique and distinguishable from that of others'. It is basically used to distinguish your identity and guard your commercial goodwill from competitors. Kindly note, if you do not have exclusive rights over your trademark; you do not have the legal rights thereof and cannot claim trademark infringement. However, you can update the right owners directly.
  • We may consider only those trademark infringement claims which are registered under Trademark Act, 1999 of India or any appropriate governmental trademark body directed here. For trademark countries pertaining to country other than India, you can refer World Intellectual Property Organization . It is highly recommended to anoint a lawyer for legal discourse as claiming trademark infringement an act of serious legal consequence.

Reporting Trademark Infringement

  • If you wish to report a copyright infringement, you can consider various options. You do not need to be a registered exEmployee user to file this report.
  • You can also file a report via postal mail with the following details:
  • 1. Contact Information: Full Name, Postal Address, Contact Number and Email (optional).

    2. Detailed infringed information: You need to state the nature of copyright information, specific symbol, word, etc. on our platform (along with the URL), country and/or jurisdiction in which you claim trademark rights, class/category of your trademarked goods and/or services believe to be an act of infringement.

    3. Declaration stating you believe the report you filing is in good faith and correct under penalty of perjury for the same, declare that your copyright digital element/(s) has not been approved by your in any form or medium and is responsible solely/on behalf for the copyright infringement report.

    4. Ample proof: Ample proof if you are the sole benefactor of the alleged copyright digital element/(s).

    5. Signature: Your signature declaring you are the one to file the report or acting on someone's behalf.

Username Availability

  • exEmployee is a public platform which provides opportunity to anyone irrespective of any caste, creed, religion and status whatsoever to create an exEmployee account.
  • If the username is already been successfully registered, exEmployee recommends to register an account using a different username. Having a unique username with your government issued name helps provide authenticity and improves your visibility greatly.
  • Username cannot be longer than 20 characters and can include alphanumeric characters such as A-Z, numbers 0-9 and underscore/(s).
  • Username if inactive for more than 90 days will be automatically deactivated and user will be notified by exEmployee. A username can be unavailable due to the fact that it is already being registered successfully by someone else, held permanently by exEmployee. info such as
  • exEmployee

Impersonation/Fake accounts

If someone creates an account pretending to be you, you can update report to us at getintouch@exemployee.info

Postal Address to be sent to is:

c/o Nisakii Infratecture Pvt. Ltd., Sumit Samarth Arcade, Ground floor, Unit 8 & 9, Wing 'C' & 'D', Next to Jain Temple, Aarey Road, Goregaon (W), Mumbai -400062 India
Email: getintouch@exemployee.info