Please take a moment to read our Privacy Policy below. Capitalised terms (and the terms 'you' and 'your') in this policy have the same meaning as in our Terms and Conditions.

Our Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy has been created to demonstrate our commitment to protecting your personal information, and outlines how we collect, store, use and disclose your personal information. It does not apply to any other Site or offline point of contact between the Company, or any other organisations, and consumers.

It also demonstrates how we disclose information to organisations you agreed to give information and data about your prior and/or current employment. Please review this Privacy Policy periodically as we may modify it from time to time. Each time you visit the Site or provide us with information, by doing so you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy at that time.

The Privacy Policy was last modified on: 10/11/2015

We do not participate in, or presently co-operate with, any kind of blanket surveillance or monitoring. However, we may disclose personal information when we determine that such disclosure is necessary to comply with applicable law.

The information commissioners register of data controllers can be searched for our entry here.


1. User Rights and Usage License

  • You have all the rights and sole ownership of your digital element/(s) hosted on exEmployee and we have no intention of claiming any ownership rights for your digital element/(s).
  • However, you grant exEmployee transferrable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, absolute and worldwide license to transfer, store and process your information to India and other countries for distribution, hosting, publishing, operation, processing, communication, storage, performance analysis and optimization purpose.

2. User Content Disclosure

  • Your digital element/(s) will be spread by other users when you share it on the platform and disclosed when you have authorised a third party or any entity affiliated with exEmployee platform.
  • In circumstances wherein user’s digital element/(s) is spread or incorporated by exEmployee for promoting and marketing purpose, prior intimidation will be notified to that specific user. We may tailor digital element/(s) for the user; solely done for enriching the user experience and satisfaction. These may include providing relevant information and updates from time to time.
  • Your digital element/(s) will be unveiled or protected based on the government policies, judicial laws falling under the territory of India, fabrication warnings, impeachment alerts, cyber security crimes, potential threats and protecting exEmployee’s overall rights and interests.
  • For any fraudulent, dishonest, injurious or illegal activities under criminal offences sections 65, 66, 66A, 66B, 66C, 66D, 66E, 66F, 67, 67A, 67B, 84B and 84C of Indian Information Technology Act, 2000 executed under your IP address, you will be held responsible and guilty and liable for compensation for any form of loss incurred by exEmployee thereof.
  • You agree that exEmployee abides to Indian Information Technology Act, 2000 while providing services through this platform.

3. How others’ use your digital element/(s)

  • We do not track and scrutinize as to how others’ access your digital element/(s). You are accountable in revealing and updating as to how others’ should access, use or spread your element/(s).
  • You consent for other users at exEmployee to spread your digital element/(s) in their respective accounts, groups, discussion threads and integrated networking web-sites/platforms on your behalf, if you haven’t modified or restricted your account security feature and setting. Though we presentthe privacy features, it is your responsibility to limit or edit the privacy setting for your exEmployee account.

4. Why we require your Personal Information:


You acknowledge that your account identifiable information such as First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password and Confirm Password are required for a successful registration from your end and delivering the features and/or services as requested or provided. Gender, Date of Birth, Postal Address/(s), Profile Picture and Contact Number/(s) are optional digital content we process and store on our servers. Username is required from your end for using exEmployee, we will reach out to you on behalf of our associates and third party entities/affiliations to recommend suggestions about specific product/(s) and resource/(s) that might be subjected to interest you.

  • Username is essential in order to uniquely identify your digital presence in our exEmployee’s platform. It engages you in to public scrutiny through which anyone (customizable as per your account security) can connect with you; based on the user handle name on our platform. We recommend usage of your accurate name without any explicit, racial or derogatory reference that can incite violence or make you liable for legal action
  • Gender information is required solely for user’s identification purpose and this is done with no intention to hurt any section (minor/major) of the society or a particular community, whatsoever. You agree to provide correct account information and recognize that any false/misleading data will lead to serious implications as determined by exEmployee.
  • Date of Birth information is required to confirm you are at least 18 years or older and are fully aware of any risks/consequences if arose based on your actions of using this public platform. Parents’ approval is strongly recommended for teenagers under the legal adult age of 18 years or as per the respective government legal age definition.
  • Email address information is required to send newsletters, important administrative decisions, impeachment details, fabricated data warnings, changes done in your account (such as password change executed by you), surveys conducted for research of our features, services and recommendations based on your valuable feedback and opinions; crucial announcements and potential tips to stay protected from any mischievous endeavours practiced or followed by miscreants. In addition, commercial newsletters and advertisements as promoted by exEmployee or its affiliated third party applications, vendors, partners or entities will be sent with an opt-out/unsubscribe option available if so the user chooses to.
  • Password is required so as to execute a successful login authentication and exEmployee stores your password solely for validating a successful login or registration.

5. Information collected by us on your usage


exEmployee is a Background verification platform catering to a complete array of industries globally it tracks your account history and searched records for internal analysis, commercially inclined monetary opportunities; future research, protecting user safety rights, investigating improper conduct performed by users or third party applications, service enhancement and testing purposes.

  • Whenever you access our platform, Log Files are maintained by our Data servers.
    • What is recorded: Log Files automatically records your IP address, web browser, operating system, location of access, cell phone carrier (if accessing via cell phone or any other device), web pages visited and search data.
    • Personal Information: It does not contain any personal information of any users and is mainly used for analysing requests made to exEmployee. exEmployee will not spread or reveal the Log File to any sect, community, society, third party entity unless mandated by the any law or government directive.
    • Tracking an Individual: exEmployee may track the individual to verify the background and details and updates for keeping record of his/her/other personal information. However, in the event of any rational suspicion of an individual accessing, using, editing exEmployee in an unauthorised manner we reserve the right to investigate and track that individual.
    • We are committed to create a personalized experience and for the same will spread your digital element/(s) to our affiliates and third-party entities for this purpose. We only provide that information that would be required for them to function and in no event will we reveal your password, banking credentials or confidential information.
  • User Session: Whenever you log in successfully at exEmployee, your user name and password is authenticated and details stored. This helps you to maintain a session thereby helping to access and navigate through multiple features/visit intra pages of exEmployee without the need of signing in again. This authentication process is encrypted with the help of cookies stored in your computer.
  • Personalizing your Experience: It streamlines your search and helps in recording your search history. Your click-through summary will be tracked by us and thus provide you the benefit of personalized experience while accessing/using exEmployee and its associated services.
  • Visitor Counter: We have tracking counter cookie established at the start of your exEmployee profile for enhancement, performance and other related purpose.
  • Lucrative options: Whenever you visit exEmployee, we ensure that you are able to access digital element/(s) aimed for our lucrative purpose (example: Advertisements) which are unique and tailored according to your interests. We also make sure that you do not receive the same advertisement again and again; and are able to view advertisements which are relevant to you.
  • Maintaining user digital element/(s): For this purpose, exEmployee does not ask for explicit permission to accept or deny cookies. These include maintaining your session when you are logged in so as to not log in every time you direct to a new page/app. Additionally, we may use to track your search history on our platform to personalize you’re exEmployee experience.

You can refuse/disable to accept cookies by exEmployee. This can be done by modifying your browser settings or rejecting to accept cookies by exEmployee when prompted. You can still access our platform even if you have cookie disabled. Accepting cookies are completely optional but there isn’t any guarantee of blockage of advertisements on your exEmployee account. Although, the advertisements will not be tailor-made there is no assurance that your data will not be recorded.

We receive your information via services and feature elements provided by us in the form of third party applications, plugins, our partners, other users such as your friends and family. This helps us to simplify relevant ads, nearest restaurants, scheduled or upcoming events around your location or display updates of your favourite data items. The hyperlinks which you visit will be tracked and recorded by us to analyse which of our feature/service is favoured.