• How can exEmployee save my Time & Money?

    exEmployee is an Employee Auditing and Background Verification Platform that will allow organizations to verify detailed employee profiles through a simplified search engine and maintaining and keeping records of an employee at a minimal cost.

  • How does exEmployee work?

    Companies upload the personal, professional and educational information of their existing employees. They upload scanned documents of the employees. They enter the exit information when the employee leaves the organization with detailed reviews and ratings.

  • How can we help recruitment process?

    exEmployee holds a vast pool of detailed employee records posted by the companies. A company can find all details related to a particular employee/candidate on exEmployee.

  • What are the main advantages of using exEmployee?

    exEmployee saves your time, money and efforts spent on background verification while hiring and employee. It also gives an employee his/her background details given by past/present Company.

  • How do I know which Employee is the best?

    You can check the professional history of the employees with reviews and recommendations given by their past/present employers.

  • Is my data secured?

    Yes, your data is completely secured as only the authority of registered company has access to only their account and can only view their existing employees and the details of exEmployees.

  • Can I transfer my Admin role to another user?

    Yes you can do that

  • Do you know that Organizations today are unsafe then they think?

    Yes in today’s market scenario 60% of all the Organisations are unsafe when it comes to Reliable & Trustworthy Employees.

  • What type of employment information are you able to provide?

    exEmployee provides complete professional & personal details of Employees with the scanned documents.

  • Why does it take longer to process some verification requests compared to others?

    The need for registering your following documents prevail,

    • Company Registration Certificate
    • Employee Id
    • Authority Letter

    The verification of your company needs to be processed on our website. For your beneficial reasons. It will help us in keeping the search engine refined and will prevent from foul practices.

  • How secure is the site?

    It is highly secured and safe.

  • I was just looking out the site and saw that the information available of mine which is incorrect. Why is that? Whom should I contact?

    You can mail your complaint at legal@exemployee.info and we will look into the matter.

  • During data entry I was asked to list phone numbers of all the employees. Why is that needed?

    Because when you post or edit any details of the employee they will be notified for the same.

  • How will this new service be communicated to Employees?

    The HR department of the companies will notify all the employees about the same.

  • Is the website legitimate?

    Yes, it is. For further enquiries you can check with the terms and conditions of the website.

  • How is the exEmployee website so sure about its contents?

    The head authority, May it be the HR manager or the admin will put the contents of the company's employees on the website with the reference of employees submitted CV & Documents.

  • • Would one's professional life be endangered because of the contents on display?

    No, their professional lives would not be endangered. In fact the website helps the companies to recruit better staff with the help of their professional descriptions on the net.

  • How can one delete its details from the website?

    Noone can delete any details once posted (In case of mistake companies can send a request mail on contact@exemployee.info).

  • How do the employee’s details get updated if the person shifts to another company?

    The candidate’s account will further be handled by the HR of his new company; his previous details would not be erased (Once the ending detail of the particular employee is posted by the employee the right of the company is shifted to the new company which the employee joints).

  • What is the need of the website if the interviewee already provides with his C.V.?

    The website gives you access to the whole of one’s professional career right from the start. There also might be some information that the interviewee has omitted or has chosen not to mention in his curriculum vitae.

  • How helpful is the website?

    Improvising recruitments and human resource quality, it gives the admin transparency in one’s professional career even if the resume of the employee says otherwise.

  • Is there a backup for our data if something wrong occurs with the website?

    Yes, it does have data backup for emergencies.

  • Who all can view this website's content?

    The admins of all the registered companies can view complete details of the employees. Anybody else who types a candidate’s name on the exEmployee website will get access to basic details like name, picture, designation & a short exit details.