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exEmployee is an employee auditing and background verification platform that will allow organizations to access innumerable detailed employee profiles. A background screening process establishes the true identity of the person and verifies the information provided in the resume. Due to bad hire, employers lose in many ways: financial-wise, reputation-wise and time-wise. Moreover, the companies have suffered losses after hiring the dishonest employee due to his low competences, submitting wrong documents, lack of diligence at work, spending on additional training or problems with attendance and employee theft. Especially when small business experiences dishonesty in the workplace it can result in lost revenue, a drop in productivity and lower morale.

The growing trend of falsified and fraudulent candidate cases highlights that the industries need a reliable & user friendly resource like exEmployee so that they are able to make correct and safe hiring decisions in a timely manner. Since the demand for pre-employment screenings is constantly growing among small and big businesses we make it easy for companies to do a quick background check on the employees they hire. exEmployee basically gives information about the character of an employee.




Employers need much more than just raw data to operate a successful employment screening program. As one of the world's largest providers of employee background check services, exEmployee specializes in helping organizations of all sizes and locations to efficiently implement, manage and control their background screening programs with just one click.

It is a very easy and an effective user friendly platform that provides registered companies the access to an employee’s career details no matter which company he/she has worked with, has absconded or has been terminated. If a candidate has come for an interview and has not possibly mentioned about him/her being terminated or the bad relations with his/her ex-company, one can have all of the candidate’s details only a click away on exEmployee.




For candidates we’re on their side as well, helping them get hired. Most of the candidates go through the screening process with challenges, so we want to make it a great process for them. We simplify the background check process, making it easy for candidates to submit requested information. The candidates can also keep a track and check their details and reviews given by their ex companies.

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